Count with Rudolph!

Let's count with Rudolph!


Help the elf !

Help the elf sorting the letters of the alphabet


Santa is here!

Let's play and learn while waiting for Santa!


Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas Resources to Make Teaching Fun this Season!

This is a pack from my former store Ingles360


An Old Woman and a Gingerbread Man

One of our school annual projects is working crosscurricular in our EFL/ ESL classes.

So, these are some of the activities we did at school while reading The Gingerbread Man

We ..
  • made predictions. The kids looked at the cover of the book and told what they think the story would be about.
  • went on a picture walk through the book.  We didn't read the text, just looked at each picture and told what they thought is happening in each picture.
  • cololored the cover of our folder. Some kids wanted to add glitter to the mouse. Yes, girls.
  • learned that G is for ginger, M is for man. Kids cut and pasted pictures from magazines and sorted them. M /G
  • made some gingerbread man cookies using this recipe. We ate some and took the rest home.
  • created a disguise for the Gingerbread Man
  • graphed our favorite disguise
  • read different versions of the story
  • used the vocabulary cards to review and practice vocabulary
  • used the necklace to recalled the events of the story. 
  • sorted the words by beginning sounds, syllables, short or long words
  • estimated how many cookies there are in a jar
  • made puppets with craft sticks to sequence events
  • finished the sentence __________ as fast as you can, you can catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man! (walk, walk/ dance, dance/ jump, jump) we moved while saying the sentences.
  • learned a poem
A Gingerbread Cookie
Mom made a surprise the other day.
She gave it to me on a lovely tray.
A gingerbread cookie
with buttons so neat-
But best of all he was good to eat!
  • made Gingerbread Playdough 
Gingerbread Playdough:

3/4 C all purpose flour
1/2 C salt
1 1/2 t powdered alum or cream of tartar
1 1/2 t vegetable oil
1/2 C boiling water
brown paste food coloring
1 1/2 t pumpkin pie spice

In a medium bowl add first 3 ingredients and mix. Then add water and oil; mix. Add spice and food coloring; mix. Then knead dough until smooth. Store in airtight container.


Cinderella- Write the room

Do your kids love the story of Cinderella? Then they’re going to love the FREE resources I’m sharing with you today. Get ready for Write the Room!

What primary student does not enjoy Write the Room? This fun, kinesthetic activity allows your students to get out of their seats and walk around the room, all while learning great vocabulary, letters, sounds, and more through literacy. It’s no wonder it’s a class favorite!

Write the Room is a great activity to do for your vocabulary center, word work stations, writing time, and more. Everything you need for a Cinderella Write the Room is included in this download. Simply download, print, laminate (if desired), and hang the cards around your classroom. Your students will then grab their recording sheet and a clipboard to walk around the room discovering their answers. 

This FREE download includes Cinderella vocabulary cards in full color. Plus you get two options – one with the words underneath and one without. Then your students will enjoy taking the printable worksheets, walking around the classroom, and writing the correct words on the lines. If there’s time, they can even color their materials. 

When students have finished the three sheets where they write the room, they then use their new vocabulary to write sentences, a short paragraph, or a full story. This is a great way to focus on capital letters, periods, and spacing while getting some extra writing practice into their school day.

Overall your 3rd and 4th grade students will love completing these activities with your next fairy tale theme. The fact that both of these are freebies is just icing on the cake! Click through now to grab your copy today.

Are you ready?


I spy ...Stories!

So many people - adults and children alike – enjoy fairy tales, tall tales, and children’s stories. And who can blame them? They’re heartwarming stories that allow us to learn lessons while hearing about beloved characters. But why does the learning have to stop when the story ends? Now it doesn’t! Let your primary students continue learning about 17 of their favorite tales with this resource.

These “I Spy” packs are a great way to get your students reviewing and consolidating new words while having fun. Children will use a magnifying class to find words related to the stories – each hidden within the picture. 

Here are the 17 different stories included:

*Beauty and the Beast
*Jack and the Beanstalk
*The Ugly Duckling
*The Shoemaker and the Elves
*The Enormous Turnip
*Goldilocks and the Three Bears
*Little Red Riding Hood
*The Three Pigs
*Snow White
*Hansel and Gretel
*The Little Mermaid
*The Gingerbread Man
*Sleeping Beauty
*The Little Red Hen
*The Princess and the Pea

For each story your students will be asked to use their magnifying glass to find the words, which they then write down on their recording sheet. Then they can write a story using their newfound words. 

Bring the fun back into learning with this 54 page resource. Your Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students will love this hands on approach, and you’ll be impressed with how well their vocabulary takes off as they progress through the sheets. Click through to grab your copy today!


December is almost here!

What can you during December? I made this list with ideas to make every day count!

D is for December and for…

Put December words in abc order

Use the December words to write a story. Draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Use the word December to make new words.

Can you say a word that rhymes with December?

What do you like doing in November?

How many vowels are there in the word December? And consonants?

Clap the word December. How many claps can you hear?

Make a list of things you want to do this December

Pretend you are the gingerbread man. Write a story about your adventures.

Draw a picture of yourself and Santa Claus

Do you like Christmas?

What is your favorite traditions at Christmas?

Design a special sleigh for Santa

Plant some poinsettia seeds

Colour the South and North Pole in a map

If you were Santa Claus, what would you do?

Describe how you celebrate Christmas in your country.

Write a letter to Santa

Make some Christmas cards for your family

Write about how candles are used in your holiday celebrations.draw and colour a picture to go with it.

Draw a map for Santa to use to get to your house on Christmas Eve. Write him giving directions to your house using cardinal directions (North, East, South, West)


In the Garden

These are some activies we did while studying Adam and Eve as part of our "Yes, I can!" serie


  • collected leaves and made a collage
  • made a serpent using socks
  • created handprint trees
  • designed a garden using favorite art supples
  • painted with branches (or leaves)
  • pretended to be animals in the garden
  • discussed about the choice Adam and Eve made
  • looked for information about snakes

  • set our dramatic play area up as a garden.  The children made paper trees to hang in the area. Provided stuffed animals, artificial plants and trees (we asked parents to loan some to our class this week). The children took care of the animals and the plants.

  • put story pieces in the order of the story
  • went on a leaf hunt in order to collect leaves of different plants. I gave my kids instructions such as: find leaves that have more than one color, leaves with toothed edhes, leaves heart shaped, etc.. 
  • sorted leaves by size, shape, color, vein patterns, edges and made a big book of leaves
  • learnt a poem 
My garden
I'll work in my garden
I'll rake it with care
and some tiny seeds
I will plant here and there
In the spring the sun will shine
and with force the rain will fall
to make my garden blossom and grow tall

  • sang a song
Adam and Eve 
Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb

God created Adam, Adam, Adam.
God created Adam from the dust one day.
Adam needed a helper, a helper, a helper.
Adam needed a helper
So he would not be alone.
God created Eve, Eve, Eve.
God created Eve
From a rib from Adam's side.
They lived in a garden, a garden, a garden.
They lived in a garden, the Garden of Eden.
Add more verses as you like!

  • played a game: pass the fruit: sitting in a circle, pass the fruit while music plays. When you stop the music, they freeze.  Have the child who has the fruit hold it up in the air. Ask the children "Should we eat that fruit?".  Instruct them respond "NO!".
  • used wearables such us crowns and watches to retell  the story and to learn the memory verse.

  • painted, wrote and colored while reinforced Biblical principles

  • with the older kids we solved a wordsearch about the theme

  • read and wrote the memory verse

  • Suggested books
Adam and Eve by Roger Priddy
Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden by Jane Ray

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